New Family Information




Apparel Ordering

At the beginning of September there will be one or two evenings when Glenmore Seals apparel can be ordered.  This includes items such as bathing suits, t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and bags.  Sample apparel is available on site for try­‐on purposes.  View the online store here.



The executive committee hosts Hot Dog Night each year in early September for all swimmers and their families.  This is a great time for both old and new swimmers to mingle and get to know each other.  There is no cost for this event.


Swim Meets

There are 6 swim meets a year, usually during the months of October, November, December, February, and March, and are usually approximately 5 hours long.  The entry fee for each meet is $5.  A meet entry form, in which a child can pick the three events they would like to compete in, is handed out approximately 2  weeks before the meet and should be submitted with the $5 entry fee back to their coach as soon as possible. Meets are not mandatory, but are a lot of fun for the kids and are encouraged.  Volunteers needed for the 2 meets we host, no experience required.  At the meets kids can expect to spend quite some time sitting on the deck between events.

Therefore it is a good idea for each child to bring the following:

  • two towels
  • snacks
  • water bottle
  • clothes to slip on between events (i.e. pyjama pants, hooded sweatshirt).


Swimmer of the Month

Each month coaches will choose one of their swimmers to be the Swimmer of the Month.  These swimmers will be recognized and awarded a ribbon for this achievement.  Swimmers will be chosen based on attitude, attendance, and effort.


Distance Swim

The distance swim is usually held every December and consists of each swimmer completing 1500 metres (60 laps)in the pool. This event is timed and swimmers will be awarded ribbons. Volunteers are needed, no experience required.


Bring a Friend Night

Twice a year, usually in December and at the end of April, we have a Bring a Friend Night. On these nights swimmers can bring a friend with them to enjoy and have fun in the pool, hot tub, and dive tank. No structured swimming will be taught on these nights.



Photo night is usually held in early January each year. Each swimmer will have their individual photo taken and their photo taken with the rest of their swimming group. Each child will receive a 5×7” individual photo and a 5X7” group photo as a keepsake. There is no charge for these.


Relay Night

Relay Night usually occurs in January or February of each year. On these evenings the swimmers are divided into teams, old and young mixed, and compete in numerous relays. These are not the typical type of relays, but fun relays that usually include clothes, funny glasses, and obstacle courses.


Club Championships

Club Championships are held each April. All swimmers compete in all five events (freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and IM). Ribbons and medals are handed out for this event at our year-­end banquet.


WaterPolo Championship

Each Thursday throughout the year the three older swim groups get to participate in 30 minutes of water polo, and at the end of the year, in the latter part of April, all the swimmers who have participated in water polo during the year are given the opportunity to sign up to compete in this championship.  The winning teams are acknowledged at the year-­end banquet.


Year-­End Banquet

At the end of the swim season, usually the first Sunday in May, we hold our year-­end banquet.  All swimmers and their families are welcome to attend.  Sign up is required and families are asked to bring a salad or dessert for 15 people with them, pizza and drinks are provided by the executive.  Please check out our bulletin board for sign up sheets in April. Awards and trophies will be handed out at this.