During the first week of the season coaches will observe, evaluate and place swimmers according to age and ability. This placement can change throughout the year.

Skills development in all the groups is achieved through drills, relays and games.

Group I

Swimmers that can swim 25 meters on their front and back, but that lack proper technique and endurance.

Swimmers in this group will develop their freestyle and backstroke and be introduced to breaststroke and butterfly, turns and starts.

Group II

Swimmers that are proficient in freestyle and backstroke and can swim at least 50 meters non-stop. Emphasis is placed on breaststroke as the swimmer has more endurance. The butterfly is also further developed. Proper stroke technique, turns and racing block starts are stressed.

Group III

Swimmers have at least three strokes they can do well. Freestyle and backstroke are well developed and breaststroke is starting to look efficient. Butterfly is now stressed more as swimmers are stronger and can master the mechanics of the stroke easier.

Emphasis is placed on endurance, technique, turns and starts.

Group IV

There is little difference between Group III and Group IV except age. Swimmers are expected to be streamlined, efficient and technically correct in all four strokes

Every month each coach will choose a “Swimmer of the Month”. Each swimmer chosen will be awarded a ribbon. Swimmers achieve this recognition based on the following criteria:

Attendance – regular attendance through the month

Attitude – the swimmer demonstrates willingness to listen to the coach

Effort – how well a swimmer completes each workout

A carded swimmer is one who has been with another club and received a registration number from Swim Alberta or Swim Canada in the last year.

Carded swimmers are ineligible to break Club records or to collect medals or aggregate age group trophies at Club Championships. This ineligibility lasts for one swim season from the date of registration with a carded club.

Carded swimmers are allowed to participate in all swim meets.

Swim Meets

The Club sponsors two swim meets during the season. Attendance is not mandatory but encouraged.

The Club maybe invited to attend other swim meets. These meets take place at facilities throughout Calgary that house recreational swim clubs.

Prior to all swim meets swimmers will receive an entry form that they must fill out and return to the Head Coach if they plan to attend a particular meet. There is a small nominal fee (non-refundable) required with each entry. Swimmers are expected to attend all meets that they have entered. A phone call to the Head Coach is required prior to the start of a meet if a swimmer is unable to attend. If the Head Coach is not advised the swimmer will not be allowed to enter the next meet.

Distance Swim

The Distance Swim is held once during the swim season, usually in December. This is a 1500 meter timed event. Swimmers are awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze emblems depending on their time. Volunteers are needed for this event to record the time and number of lengths each swimmer completes.

Relay Nights

Fun nights of relays for Club members are held occasionally throughout the season.

Club Championship

The Club Championship is held the last week of the season. Participants swim 5 events over the course of two evenings. Swimmers participating are expected to attend both evenings.

Closing Banquet

A banquet is held at the end of the season for swimmers and their immediate families. Ribbons and trophies are awarded at this event to recognize swimmers for their efforts and success over the season.


A professional photographer takes group and individual photos at a scheduled time and date during the swim season.

The successful operation of the Club relies on the support of volunteers. Volunteers are required for the Club Executive and to assist at special Club events. The Club does not conduct any fund raising events.

Following is a list of Executive volunteer positions to be filled each year:








Ribbons and Awards


Following is a list of volunteer positions to be filled at Club sponsored swim meets:

Starter (1) – starts race

Starter (relief) (1) – relieves starter when necessary

Runner (1) – gets heat cards from timers and takes to recording area

Timers (16) – 2 per lane; times each heat and records the time

Head Timer (1) – times 1st place only; ensures timers are ready

Spare Timer (1) – is ready in case somebody’s watch is not working or they miss the start

Judges (2) – first judge notes 1st place winner, second notes 2nd place winner

Marshalling Area (3) – gets heats in order and assigns swimmers to a lane

Marshall (1) – directs swimmers to correct heat and lane

Ribbon Area (5)- records times and winners; prepares ribbons