Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

[toggle header=”What are the goals and expectations of your swim club?”]The Glenmore Seals Swim Club is a fun recreational, non-competitive swim club for swimmers 7 – 18 years old and not graduated from high school (MUST BE 7 BY SEPTEMBER 1ST). The goal of the Club is to improve each swimmer’s technique, endurance, and confidence through drills and conditioning. The priority of the Club is the development of a swimmer’s self-confidence, self-awareness and skill level. Success is measured by improved times, strokes, and turns. Time trials and swim meets are used to assess a swimmer’s improvement. Swimmers develop and learn in a fun and positive atmosphere.[/toggle]

[toggle header=”We currently have a swimmer registered, and they have a younger sibling who would like to join the club. How do we get our other child on the team?”]Siblings of currently registered swimmers take priority over new families on the wait list. Please notify us of the younger swimmer (WHO MUST BE 7 YEARS OLD BY SEPTEMBER 1ST) during pre-registration in March. A try-out will be arranged soon after pre-registration.[/toggle]

[toggle header=”What is a try-out?”]A try-out is when a potential new swimmer is invited to attend one of our practices. The coaches are able to determine if the swimmer can do a typical work-out and what level the swimmer would be in. The try-out also enables the new swimmer to see what our work-outs are like and if this is right for them. A beginner swimmer should be able to swim one lenght of the pool (25m).[/toggle]

[toggle header=”Is there a volunteer commitment expected from the parents?”]We have swim meets, club championships, distance swims, a year-end banquet, and other events that require parents to be timers, marshals, runners, etc. to help make these events run smoothly. Our club does not raise funds from bingos or casinos.[/toggle]

[toggle header=”Are swim meets mandatory?”]No, we have a total of six swim meets with other recreational clubs but participation is optional at $5.00 per child. We organize two of these meets and parents are needed as mentioned above.[/toggle]

[toggle header=”What is a distance swim?”]Swimmers attempt to swim 60 lengths of the pool for a total of 1500 meters. We do this once a year in December and even the newest swimmers usually complete the distance. Parent volunteers are needed to time the swimmers during this event.[/toggle]

[toggle header=”What else does the club do?”]On Thursdays, the top 3 swimming levels each spend a half hour learning and playing water polo.[/toggle]

[toggle header=”What are the costs?”]Registration fees are $25 for the first child, $20 for the second, and $15 for any additional children in the same family. There are two sessions: fall and winter. Session fees are $200 each, payable by post-dated checks in August and December, respectively. The total cost for the whole swim season for one child is $425, and for two children it is $845.[/toggle]

[toggle header=”We are a new family and would like to join the Glenmore Seals. How do we do this?”]Please provide your child(ren)’s name(s), age(s), gender, and swimming experience. Their name(s) will be added to the wait list. After pre-registration of current swimmers, we will know how many vacancies there are at the four different swimming levels. We will then consult the wait list. If we feel we can accommodate your child(ren), you will be called for a try-out as soon as possible before our club championships at the end of April. Sometimes, we have movement over the summer and spots may open up for which try-outs will be held in September.[/toggle]

[toggle header=”How are the swimmers sorted into the four different swimming levels?”]The coaches observe each swimmer and determine which level would be best for that particular swimmer based on their coachability, work ethic, and skill development. There are swimmers of different ages in each level. Each level has its own coach for a total of four coaches.[/toggle]

[toggle header=”How are the Glenmore Seals related to the other clubs that swim at the Glenmore pool?”]The Seals are separate club and not related to other clubs at the Glenmore pool. Please phone the pool for contact information for other swim clubs.[/toggle]