Club Philosophy

The Glenmore Seals Swim Club is a fun, recreational, semi-competitive swim club for swimmers 7 – 18 years old (must be 7 by Sept 1). The goal of the Club is to improve each swimmer’s dive, stroke, turn ability, endurance and confidence through coaching and training. The priority of the Club is the development of a swimmer’s self-confidence, self-awareness and skill level. Success is measured by improved strokes,┬ádives and turns not by a first-place finish at all costs. Time trials and swim meets are used to assess swimmer’s improvement and personal bests. Children will learn in a safe and positive atmosphere.


  1. All swimmers are expected to act in a proper manner and to follow and respect the direction of their coaches and any volunteers.
  2. Swimmers are expected to behave appropriately towards their fellow swimmers and will refrain from harassing any other swimmer in the Club or other clubs, be it physical or emotional in nature.
  3. Swimmers are expected to observe pool rules, and show respect for the position and authority of the lifeguards and pool staff.
  4. Swimmers are expected to behave courteously towards all other patrons in the locker room at all times during regular practices and at swim meets at all pools.
  5. Inappropriate language will not be tolerated.


Should any swimmer fail to observe the Code of Conduct the following disciplinary action will be taken.

  1. On the first offence, the swimmer will receive a verbal warning.
  2. On the second offence, the swimmer will receive a verbal warning and be required to leave the pool deck for the remainder of the practice. The swimmer’s parents/guardians will be notified of the offence occurring. The parents/guardians are expected to discuss the offence with the swimmer.
  3. On the third offence, the swimmer will lose all rights and privileges of membership in the Club and will be expelled. NO MEMBERSHIP FEES WILL BE RETURNED to the swimmer or their family.